Wednesday, February 4, 2009

10 On Tuesday: Fave Movies For Kids

This list is STRICTLY kids stuff; none of those Rated PG space-age modern-day (or middle-earth...or middle-sea) storytelling intended for children of all ages, but really what they are are brilliant sci-fi motion picture epics by adults for adults (e.g. Star Wars, Back To The Future, The Lord Of The Rings, X-men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Superman, Spiderman, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Transformers) because those are just too cool to mention. And none of this High School Musical mumbo-jumbo either. Zac Efron is so hot though, isn't he? So not healthy for pre-adolescent girls.

What is the basis of my answers? I guess it's how many times I've seen them (I even have some of them on VHS...maybe even BETAMAX), plus they're just super [effortlessly] funny.

And now, in no particular order...

1. The Mighty Ducks Trilogy. "Flying V!!!" Always gave me goosebumps. I remember fantasizing about flying to Maine and joining the team. Especially when the 2nd one came out; the one with all the "imports?" Oh, man. Good times, good times.

2. White Fang. The first one with Ethan Hawke. Didn't really care for the installment, although I still saw it. Without Ethan, it wasn't really appealing to me anymore.

3. Aladdin. The Disney version, of course. It's my absolute favorite Disney animated movie of all time. Princess Jasmin's singing voice was done by a Filipina (Lea Salonga, who also played the original Kim in Miss Saigon). AND Aladdin looked a lot like my prom date, which only made it harder not to like (the movie, I mean). The prom date I loooooved. lol I hope he never reads my blog. Ever. lol

4. The Little Mermaid. Also the Disney version. "Someday I'll beeeeee....part of yooooouuur...woooooorld." I know all the songs/dialogue by heart (yes, even Sebastian's). Freak much?

5. Shrek 1&2. The third...enh, not so much.

6. Kung Fu Panda. "There is no charge for awesomeness." Priceless! Obie likes this one, too. A LOT.

7. Chronicles Of Narnia. What can I say, I'm a sucker for fantasy (and when I say fantasy I mean Ben Barnes).

8. Finding Nemo. Who can resist Dora, the aDORAble fish with early-onset Alzheimer's who spoke "whale." Plus, I loved that a lot of the animators were Filipino and they used a few Filipino touches in the movie -- that was really thoughtful and nationalistic.

9. Monsters Inc.

10. Harry Potter. All of them.

Those that didn't make the list, but are also kick-ass movies for kids, include the Never Ending Story series, Enchanted, Labyrinth circa 1986, Ratatouille, Ice Age 1&2, Toy Story 1&2, and The Incredibles. I just couldn't help it, could I. lol


Monkey! said...

Really? Filipino touch to Finding Nemo? Hmm... gonna have to see that again. Is there patis? Squishy!

frenchkys said...

Haha no, no patis (thank God). One big Pinoy touch? The bahay-kubo in the fish tank. Just loved it.

Makes me want to see it again. :)