Monday, February 2, 2009


Today's Manic Monday is brought to us by the word cloud. "Clouds" also happens to be one of my favorite (sure, I may have quite a few) songs. The melody is far from fresh, but it's probably the familiarity that makes it very endearing to me. And Marty Casey rocks. Big props to Lovehammers, too.

God, I love this song.

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Marty Casey & Lovehammers

I am just like you
I wish for more in this life
I need so much more
Lost all hideaway
You were there
To save me from everything
And everyone I could not see

Turn my blind eyes blue
One kiss from you
Like white light
Feel you shining through
So much more to see
But you're too scared
Trust me with everything
'Cause I'm the one
I give you strength when you're weak

So sorry she said
You'll never find out anyhow
So sorry it's over now
Go on back home

Falling through your clouds I
Hope you can catch me
Never leave you alone
Falling through you now I
Hope you can catch me

Never leave you alone


bv said...

Oh! I do so love this song! Happy MM!

Jamie said...

One of the nice things about coming by here is the music I wouldn't hear otherwise. Thank you.

frenchkys said...

BV - It's such a great tune, isn't it?

Jamie - Thank YOU! I'm simply happy to share the music. :) Some days I feel it's better than food (and that's saying a lot lol).

Polly said...

Another cloud song I haven't heard. Thanks for the music!

frenchkys said...

You're most welcome! Glad you liked it, Polly. :)