Saturday, February 7, 2009

Brazil! Brazil!

We were supposed to drive to Long Beach last night for the ultimate lobster buffet (@ Khoury's), but the rain was relentless so we didn't want to take our chances on the slippery freeway. What we did was we called and moved our reservations for the 13th. Instead, we opted for the next best thing -- meat, meat, meat.

Ended up having dinner at this Brazilian buffet place called Samba in Redondo Beach.

The Brazilian beef was just exquisitely done. The scallop salad, among other delectable sides, sure helped purge the strong meat after-taste (I kept tasting and tasting anyway haha). So so good.

The lamb, too, was just delish. And the tritip, and the top sirloin, and the...whole freakin' cow, how's that. Even the staff thought so. Just look at that smile. Yummy, too, no? lol

And after dinner...a little samba by my mama. You go shake what grandma gave you!