Tuesday, May 19, 2009

10 On Tuesday: Favorite Cities

1. Manila.

2. New York.

3. Bangkok.

4. San Francisco.

5. Las Vegas.

6. Puerto Princesa.

7. Dublin.

8. Mystic, CT.

9. Hong Kong.

10. Montreal. I've never really been. But I've heard so much about it, I might as well have. I mean, that could've been me in the picture.


Anonymous said...

Great choices...geeze I've only been to 2, 4 and 5...Gonna have to get busy :)

yen said...

i also want to go to puerto princessa

Teena in Toronto said...

Montreal is on my list too!

I played too :)

Clara said...

The only city on your list I've visited is Mystic, CT. It's a really cool place.

I played, too.

The Social Frog said...

I have driven through Mystic,Conn. but never got really "visit".

frenchkys said...

Mystic is such a nice, quaint place. I went in the winter, and it was...beautiful. Thanks for stopping by, guys!