Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 On Tuesday: Favorite Places To Eat

Oh, wow, I'm excited and I haven't even begun. OK, here we go. In no particular order...

1. The Streets of Bangkok (Thailand). Delish hawker food, spicy sauces, available 24 hours a day. I miss it. Badly.

2. Tong Yang (Philippines). Sizzling hot pot, a spread of awesome raw food, cooked crab and dumplings, their heavenly Tong Yang sauce (oh, man), and unlimited ice cream.

3. Saisaki / Dad's (Philippines). The best buffet in town.

4. Buffalo's Wings N' Things (Philippines). Friday nights, wings, beer, and good company. Great way to kick off the weekend.

5. Burgoo (Philippines). Love, love, LOVE their combo fajitas.

6. IHOP (USA). Chicken Florentine and comfort breakfast food served ALL day.

7. Lucille's BBQ (USA). Meatlovers paradise.

8. Hong Kong Express (USA). This quaint little Chinese take-out place on the corner of Carson and Western in Cali. I ate their food for DAYS!

9. Cocoy's (Q.C., Philippines). Pares, anyone?

10. Dampa (Manila, Philippines). You buy your food at the market you pick out a restaurant, they cook it for you, then you eat with your hands. Chili crab, buttered and/or tempura shrimps, fresh oysters, baked scallops...keep the rice and soda coming...ahhhh. Heaven!


I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

Hi! I found you on the ten on tuesday site - did you say you had McDonalds delivered?? Where on earth do they do that! I'm jealous! PS - My husband is Filipino - it was neat to randomly stumble onto your blog. Check out my blog sometime.

Thom said...

Now you have made me hungry :) Sounds like some great places to eat :)

Just Me said...

McDonald's delivers where you live?? That's pretty cool! Only... I'd gain so much weight! LOL!

I played too @ http://confessionsofpastorswife.blogspot.com/

For some reason I couldn't get my comment to post on YANO's blog. Guess I'll go try again...
:-) Stacey

Robin said...

Okay....now you have made me hungry. :-)

Hope your Tuesday was beautiful

frenchkys said...

LOL yeah, McDonald's delivers where I live. Metro Manila, baby -- TRULY the city that never sleeps. I blame my poor eating habits on conveniences like these. haha They're just so darn irresistible!

Thanks for stopping by, you guys! ;)