Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cooties And Duties Don't Mix

I am sick as a puppy. I also happen to have three more weddings to go to this year, two of which I am seriously part of the entourage (always the maid of honor, never the bride) while the other one, well, I think my boyfriend just volunteered me to do the bride's makeup. I'm supposed to meet the first couple tonight (Serra-Aguna Nuptials, 18 Oct 2007) to sort out the program for their reception and get the invitations. I am also getting together with the other couple to talk about fabric and music (Samson-Pardo Nuptials, 14 Dec 2007). Thank goodness these weddings won't happen for weeks.

I've been having trouble sleeping these past few days as it is; with a clogged nose and a troublesome cough, well, you do the math. Just when I started a healthier lifestyle, I get the cooties -- I think I may have gotten it from Pete of Fall Out Boy.

Speaking of Fall Out Boy, here's a clip from the concert the other night. *sniff* *blow* *cough* *spit* Enjoy.


spongebabe said...

at least nakapanood ka pa din ng FOB concert!

frenchkys said...

Yeah, it was worth it! Haha