Friday, September 28, 2007

The Most Disturbing Music Video Ever

Hmm I'm sure the director of this video (or the band?!) is trying to get a point across, but I just think the guy with the mustache is too creepy...among other things. Banging against an inanimate object, the bellybutton, the fertility dance peep show. Ayayay.

This song is called Diane by the band Therapy? -- yeah, there is a question mark, don't ask.

Have a little look-see and let me know what YOU think about it. Creepy, man. Just creepy.


Anonymous said...

i found it quite beautiful. Not disturbing in the slightest sense, just sad and beautiful, almost like he wanted to be her, he could see what her body could do and create and he wanted that, but he couldnt.

frenchkys said...

I think I know what you mean. However, if the male character maybe toned down the perversion a bit, maybe it would be more apparent. Good insight though. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Would've been nice if you left a name ;) but it's all good. Hope you drop by again some time. Cheers!

Eric said...

Strange. Lots of symbolism if you really look for it. I am not to fond of the actual song, but the video was very entertaining. Most Disturbing Music Video Ever? Nah. Rubber Johnny takes that cake. But this goes right up there with it. Thanks for the wonderful waste of 10 minutes of my life. lol. only the internet.

frenchkys said...

You're most welcome. Next time you feel like wasting 10 more, you know where to find me. lol