Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Switchfoot Notes

I don't think I'll ever get tired of saying this, although I'm pretty sure some of you are sick of it by now, but that Switchfoot concert was just off the hook. Whoever said 'ROCK is the devil's music' is just cuckoo.

You can read more about the band's personal notes of their Manila experience here. Great photos, too, especially the ones taken in/on top of the jeepney. In the meantime, enjoy this awesome video of their song Stars from the concert. I took three other videos that night, but the quality is just so blech. Not to mention, I couldn't hear Jon singing at all in them; it's all me screaming and singing and screaming some more. This one's alright though. Mosh pits that move as one, damn, just turns me on. (I've had zero sleep in the last 28 hours; I apologize for being so uncouth)


Drew said...

Even Angels and Saints love rock n' roll, IMHO. Cool video. I can't even recall the last time I was in a mosh pit.

Beth from San Diego said...

That counter is pretty neat. 1 more day and you and your partner reach the 1000-day mark. Congrats!! I like Switchfoot they have some good tunes. And I think they're from around here too!!!