Friday, January 11, 2008

Slow Start

I expected my first weeks of the new year to be busy, but that's just not the case. Instead, I've been doing a whole lot of nothing. Tonight, I'm going out of the house for the first time in like 3 days. My girl friends and I are going to have a dinner/DVD night -- nothing really new from what I've been up to this week.

The truth is, things have not been going as planned. My whole work situation is reduced back to paper, which really blows. I feel tired all the time without even getting out of bed. My birthday's in a month and I'm just so not in the mood to be old-er right now. I'm in a rut, obviously. A temporary one, at least I hope it is.

I think I need some sound advice [or a good kick in the butt] right about now. So, let me ask you this -- how do you manage to stay positive or motivated when things around you are in disarray?

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T.R. said...

This too shall pass!