Tuesday, February 19, 2008

10 Things I'd Buy If I Had A $1,000,000

Which is around 40M in our currency (oh, wow, I just felt a tingle). I was never good in math, so these figures aren't exactly on the, well, money, but just the same, I'd probably splurge on (in no particular order):

1. A house for my mom and my brother. Nothing posh; just "homey," you know? Some place like where we live now, but newer. 7M

2. My own house. With the bedrooms and the bathrooms and the garage and the backyard and the small pool and the kitchen. Ah, the kitchen... 10M

3. Open-dated first class plane tickets to the States, Canada, Ireland, and Croatia (that last one is a wild card). Plus pocket money. Traveling is probably the first thing I'm going to do anyway. 2M

4. New furniture and appliances for my house. That includes an adequate entertainment room with a decent wide-screen TV, all sorts of gaming consoles and gadgets, and the most comfy couch ever. 3M

5. DVDs, CDs, and books. It's not the time to be thrifty. 150K

6. A personal trainer. I've always wanted one of those. 100K

7. Wheels for the family. An Acura RDX SUV for my brother (1.2M), a Campanella White 2008 VW New Beetle for my mom (1M). And a 2008 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class GL550 for moi (3M). Yeah, baby! (Sorry, Mother Earth, it IS just a dream. Of course, I'm getting a Lexus RX 400h, a Ford Escape Hybrid, and an Acura RSX if I had to go car shopping!)

8. Gifts for my closest friends and relatives. 2M

9. A quaint farm or vineyard for my Dad to maintain and relax in for the rest of his life. Whatever I have left, which is more or less 10M

10. And finally, a lottery ticket, you know, just for kicks. You'll never know... 20 Pesos


James said...

Hey if youre ever in San Francisco let me know!!

mas avido seguidor

frenchkys said...

LOL Sure, James. You'll be the first to know!

Thanks for the blog love, man. Rock on.

James said...


frenchkys said...

Oh, I didn't mean to laugh AT you. You will definitely hear from me when I'm in the neighborhood, I promise. ;)

Take it easy!