Monday, July 21, 2008

On Time, Light, And This Day Last Year

Yesterday was my Grandfather's first year death anniversary. I was an emotional wreck from the time I got home Saturday night until I had to prepare for Sunday morning's service (puffy eyes, runny nose, zero sleep = not pretty). But, the mood started to get a little lighter during the service. And we celebrated his life (tears were non-existent at this point) with a delicious spread of food for lunch, merienda, dinner, plus midnight snacks. The Sorianos just left actually. It was a good day. We miss you, in peace!

LunaNina says ... and I think ... ?

  1. Flicker :: ...of light.
  2. Styling :: Hair products by Loreal and Kerastase (they're all I use).
  3. Episode :: ...1, Series 1, Doctor Who, 2005 -- when my crazy love affair with The Doctor/s (Eccleston & Tennant) began.
  4. Sexier :: Lingerie, as opposed to just being naked.
  5. Studious :: Completely alien to me. I was more of a "wing it" kind of student back in the days.
  6. Mushroom :: Button, oyster, shiitake, paddy straw -- I love them all!
  7. 8 minutes :: Average time required to fill out something like this.
  8. Bald :: I'm far from it.
  9. Immunity :: Exempt from unfavorable consequence.
  10. Sectioned :: Compartmentalized -- like how most men are.


bellamocha said...

Very clever mutterings- I enjoyed them! I'm a Dr Who fan myself...although I don't get to watch it in the US.

It was a meaningful and loving post about your grandfather too, thank you for sharing it.

My mutterings are up at:

Bella :)

crazy working mom said...

Just dropping by via Manic Monday. Clever!

Felicity said...

I enjoyed your mutterings very much. You made it with little to no sleep, that's just super.


Jamie said...

Bella Mocha

Dr Who in the US is on the Sci Fi Channel for the new season and on BBC America for a season late

I like the mutterings. Happy MM

frenchkys said...

Thanks for dropping by, guys. And thanks for the Doctor Who channel info, Jamie!