Tuesday, June 16, 2009

10 On Tuesday: Things I'd Bring On A Deserted Island

This week's 10 has always come up in past conversations, most of them uttered with drunken abandon. So, I guess they don't count. Now, without further ado, my sober self brings you the official list of things I'd take with me to a deserted island (and let's all pretend I took a big ass boat to this piece of land, alright? Alllrighty then).

1. Guitar. I was going to say "iPod," but come on. Where would I charge it? I could put "portable generator" under #2, "gallons of gasoline" under #3, and "socket" under #4 while I'm at it, but that would be downright cheating. So, yeah, my guitar would have to do.

2. Something to write with/on. I'd hate to make paper from scratch (pardon the pun) and use my own blood ala Wilson's face as ink. A few good boxes of pencils and reams of paper ought to be enough.

3. Cutlery. For gutting and cooking purposes. Oh, and to sharpen my pencils, of course. I'd put "pencil sharpener" under #4, but that would be such a waste.

4. Matches. Quite a lot of those, I think. Yep, definitely a lot.

5. Framed pictures. To make my little hut a bit more homey.

6. Bagful of clothes. All sorts for different kinds of weather. And all adjustable, so when I lose weight they'd still fit me.

7. Feminine products. Surf the crimson wave like we girls are supposed to -- with superior leakage control.

8. Frankenstein. Not the monster, but my pillow Franky. It's traveled the world with me. Why not to this island?!

9. Sunblock. Gallons of gasoline would be ludicrous. Gallons upon gallons of sunblock is just plain smart.

10. Mobile phone with extra batteries and signal boosters. You know, for when I get tired of the castaway life and feel like rejoining the rest of society. "Uh, hello, Mr. Coast Guard, sir? Could you swing by for me later? Thanks."


Anonymous said...

Mobile phone...LOL...and clothes....who needs 'em on a deserted island LOL

frenchkys said...

Hahaha obviously, I do. ;S As for the clothes, well, I wouldn't want to be nekkid when the coast guard come get me. tee hee

Robin said...

Great list.....
Signal booster or not you aren't going to get connected. Sprint Verizon, ATT etc. haven't run the cable and aren't paying for the satellite coverage of some deserted island. As for the feminine products, you might not need them once you become malnutrition and dehydrated, but they are great for other stuff. :-)

Have a beautiful day

Oh and....hope you mom is okay.

lovesmukiwa said...

If we are all going to this same deserted island it wont be very deserted!
I'll stop in and hear you sing :)

Carrie said...

I am totally coming with you if you bring your guitar... you would need some reliable entertainment -- and I can't believe I forgot the feminine products! Great list.

frenchkys said...

Everyone's welcome on my island. Drinks are on me! ;) Thanks for stopping by, guys. Cheers!