Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Great Fall Of

This was where my mom tripped/fell over, hard, in the middle of Chinatown in NYC. One of the cops who responded to the 911 call almost tripped himself! What the!@#$%

Some TLC from the FDNY.

Thanks, boys! (behave, Mother!!! lol)


Anonymous said...

awww I'm sorry to hear about your mom. Looks like she was in good hands however. Great post :)

frenchkys said...

Yeah, they took really good care of her. :) Actually, they had her at hello. lol

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

Poor Mom, that had to have hurt! Hope she recovers quickly and gets the city to pay her medical bills.

frenchkys said...

Ha! That'll be the day. The cops and some lawyers we talked to said we could sue the city, but it would take forever to settle. We're definitely going to write them and let them know about that stupid crack on the sidewalk though.

My mom's fine now. She had an anti-infection shot of some sorts, her x-rays came out ok, she was sent home that same day. :)

The pictures? Totally her idea btw. lol

Bridget said...

oh my goodness, I am glad she is ok!
HAppy WW!