Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shoo, Swine, Don't Bother Me

So, what about that AH1N1 virus, eh? There were like 64 more cases in the country reported yesterday alone, and the numbers just keep on climbing. I haven't watched the local news this much before, I must say.

Sure, other similar conditions, like Dengue fever, are said to be more fatal. Angelo and I had a pretty deep discussion about this last night. It's all just very...disruptive. Before I was even aware of the virus, I washed my hands every chance I got, carried antibacterial gel and spouted them constantly into my hands, and pushed doors with my elbows. I mean, how do I beat that?!

Maybe, I don't have to. None of us do. You become too careful and you find yourself locked up in your house with pasty skin and an empty fridge. Just be vigilant, I guess. Observe. Infer. Like a good 3rd-grade scientist would. You feel sick, you go to the doctor, not much to it.

Oh, and spit-swap with no one else but your better-half. In other words, don't be a pig. Easy, no?


Anonymous said...

Good advice my friend. I felt sick went to the doctor and it was bronchitis...but at least I went. Love the swapping spit LOL

frenchkys said...

Yeah, thought I'd add one more little helpful tip there in the end. haha